Loveh waterfall

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February 16, 2021
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February 17, 2021

Loveh waterfall

Loveh Waterfall
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After passing through the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran, we reach the green and beautiful province of Golestan. The interesting thing about Golestan province is that in this province you will see lush forests and the sea, and you can go to places. Visit semi-desert and arid. In this article we intend to talk about one of the unique natural attractions that is located in this province. This attraction is Lohe waterfall in Golestan. 

Where is Loveh Falls?

Loveh waterfall is located in Golestan near the city of Galikesh. It should be noted that the distance between Galikesh and Gorgan is 108 km and the distance from the waterfall to Galikesh is 20 km in the suburbs of this city; That is, in order to go from Gorgan to Mashhad, you have to move towards Minoodasht. After reaching Galikesh from Minoodasht, you will encounter Lohe waterfall with a further 20 km drive. If there is no traffic on your way, you will reach your destination in about two hours.


The best time to visit Loveh waterfall in Golestan

Considering that Loveh waterfall is located in Golestan and the weather conditions of the northern provinces of the country are almost clear in different seasons, you should know that the best time to travel to this region is spring.

Unlike other spectacular waterfalls in Golestan province, Loveh waterfall is one of the most spectacular natural attractions located in this province, in addition to its beauty, the priority of this waterfall compared to other waterfalls in this province is easy access. The waterfall is located next to the village of the same name with a population of less than 1,000 people

Loveh waterfall in Golestan is located in the heart of dense forests of hornbeam, maple and alder trees. These trees have added to the beauty of the waterfall and, of course, to the pleasant climate and pleasant scenery for travelers. The water that is poured into this waterfall from the lower floor rocks, there are pools on each floor that water passes through before pouring to the next floor. The height of the highest floor of this waterfall is 15 meters and finally the height of the waterfall complex reaches 70 meters. In fact, what is called Lohe is a collection of waterfalls. Unfortunately, due to the beautiful nature and easy access that exists for this waterfall, but there are no suitable amenities and accommodation for it.

It is interesting to know that Loveh waterfall in Golestan is also a destination for hiking tours in the heart of Golestan hyrcanian forests. In fact, this waterfall is located in these forests and the forest reaches Semnan province in the south and beautiful plains near Shahroud. The walk from this route to the waterfall is on a steep path and is relatively long.

The distance between Loveh waterfall in Golestan to the main Golestan-Khorasan route is considered as a busy route, especially for Mashhad pilgrims, and is only 5 km, even for those who do not travel to this waterfall. However, only a small sign indicates the side road that separates from the road.


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