Nakhilo Island, Nakhiloo

Tahmadon Island, Persian Gulf, Bushehr, Iran
Tahmadon Island
September 28, 2020
Um-al Gorm island
Umm-Algorm Island
September 28, 2020

Nakhilo Island, Nakhiloo

Nakhilo island, Persian Gulf, Iran
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There are a number of uninhabited and pristine islands in the Mond Protected Area, which are known as tourist destinations. Of course, due to the sensitivities of the Environment Organization, entering and visiting the islands is possible only with the permission of this organization.



Nakhilo is the name of one of these islands, which is more popular than others because of its beauty. The island is small and can be visited on foot in less than an hour. The beach of Nakhilo Island is sandy in most parts and in a small part you can see a rocky beach. The clean and clear waters of this island are one of its important features. The island looks almost like an oval.


The interior of the island is covered with small and low shrubs. In early winter, in a short time, this area is covered with beautiful yellow flowers that contrast with the blue color of the sea to depict beautiful landscapes. Walking among these flowers with cool breeze and the sound of sea waves is a unique and even unique phenomenon in Iran.
Nakhilo Island is rich in wildlife and many birds inhabit it to spend the winter. For this reason, entering this island, especially in the breeding seasons of these birds, has many restrictions.
You can visit this island from the city of Bordkhon. There is a fishing port near the city and boats can be used to visit the island. The island is not far from the port and can be reached in a short time.
Nakhilo Island is located between two other islands called Tahmadon and Umm Algorm.


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