Umm-Algorm Island

Nakhilo island, Persian Gulf, Iran
Nakhilo Island, Nakhiloo
September 28, 2020
Siraf Ancient cemetery, Bushehr, Iran
Siraf Ancient Cemetery
September 29, 2020

Umm-Algorm Island

Um-al Gorm island
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There are a number of small and large islands in Bushehr province and in the Mund region, which today has become a destination for nature lovers. These islands are located between the ports of Kangan and Bushehr near a small town called Bordkhon. All these islands are protected and due to the rich flora and fauna, there is a high sensitivity to enter and visit these islands. Obtaining a permit from the Environment Organization is a prerequisite for entering these islands. The farthest of these islands is called Tahmadon, which is a large island. Nakhilo Island is the smallest of them and is beautifully located between the other two islands and the nearest island is known as Umm Algorm. This iIsland is home to many migratory birds that enter the area each year to spend the winter.



Umm Algorm, known in the local language as Gorm; It is like a crescent with a large area that only a small part of it can be seen and observed. The rest of the island is affected by tidal waves and therefore can not be easily visited.


Sandy beaches cover most of the island. Pristine and clean beaches with clear and clean water are among the features of my warm island. The space inside the island is covered with small bushes and there is no big tree in it. Of course, this vegetation is specific to the edge of the island and close to the coast. Most parts of the island affected by seawater have little vegetation.
Umm-Algorm Island is uninhabited and only local fishermen come in for a few hours of rest. Few interested tourists also visit this pristine and inaccessible island.


Mehdi Gholami.

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