Semirom Waterfall

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October 16, 2020
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Semirom Waterfall

Semirom Waterfall, Isfahan, Iran
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Isfahan is one of the vast provinces of Iran that in addition to having important cultural and ancient attractions, due to its diverse climate, has become an important destination for nature lovers and every year many nature lovers to visit the attractions, they enter this province. This difference climate is so great that at the same time in the eastern parts of the province can be seen desert and in the western parts of the white-clad mountains of the Zagros.

In the south of Isfahan province and a short distance from the city of Semirom, is one of the natural attractions of this province. A tall and beautiful waterfall that flows down through a gap from a great height. This waterfall is named after the city of Semirom and in spring and summer, when this region has a cool climate, many travelers enter Semirom to visit it.

Semirom waterfall is located in the middle of a relatively long valley. Its approximate height is 35 meters and it comes out of the gap in a concentrated way and spreads along its path. Shortly after the main waterfall, along the course of the river, several other small waterfalls, created naturally and artificially, depict beautiful scenery.

Although this waterfall is permanent, in dry seasons, its water volume decreases. For this reason, the best time to visit Semirom waterfall is mid-spring, which in addition to the beauty of the waterfall can also benefit from the green environment around it.

Amenities have been created around Semirom waterfall and it can be used. The path to the waterfall is not difficult and can be reached with a short walk.

The water of Semirom waterfall has created a lot of freshness and greenery along a relatively long route and has turned the area into a beautiful promenade. Many enthusiasts walk this path to the waterfall.

Mehdi Gholami

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