Sheikh Ahmad Jam Shrine

Ahanak Lake, Simin Dasht, Tehran
Ahanak Lake
May 19, 2021
Alamot Castle, Alamoot Fort, Alamut, Qazvin
Alamut Castle, Alamot Fort
May 19, 2021

Sheikh Ahmad Jam Shrine

Sheikh Ahmad Jam, Sheykh Jaam, Torbat, Khorasan
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Shaykh al-Islam “Ahmad Ibn Abul Hassan Jami Namqi Tarshizi” known as Sheikh Ahmad Jam (born 440 – died 536 AH) nicknamed “Abu Nasr Ahmad Zhandapil” or in short “Zhandapil” was a mystic, Sufi and poet of the sixth century and the Seljuk period.


He was born in Namagh village of Koohsorkh city and his grave is in Torbat-e Jam. Although he lived in idleness and drunkenness until he was 22 years old, it was during this period that he repented and spent 12 years in solitary mountains. After that, he went to Jam region and practiced austerity in Bazd mountain and built Noor Mosque, which is still built there. He guided the people there for six years. Finally, after eighteen years and at the age of 40, he came among them to guide the people.


He made many trips in his life and traveled to Neishabour, Herat, Buzjan, Merv, Bakhrez and Bastam and got acquainted with some of the elders of Khorasan. In Ma’dabad, he established a monastery cup and wrote books and trained disciples. In a short time, his fame rose and he was noticed by the rulers. Sultan Sanjar, who had heard his descriptions, came to see him in the village of Madabad and became one of his followers.


Most of references mention his age 95 and some 96 years. In the last years of his life, he went on Hajj and died on the tenth of Muharram in the year 536 AH. His tomb in Torbat-e Jam city, which is known as the tomb of Sheikh Jam, is still the shrine of his followers and lovers today.


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