Ahanak Lake

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May 19, 2021

Ahanak Lake

Ahanak Lake, Simin Dasht, Tehran
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“Ahanak Lake” is one of the sights of Tehran province, which is located on the height of the southern heights of Simindasht village, 5.5 km away, and its height above sea level is about 1700 meters. The village is located 35 km from Firoozkooh, in Tehran province.



Ahanak Lake consists of twin pools that are always full of water and the depth of the larger pool is 32 meters and the depth of the smaller pool is 8 meters. In fact, the water of the lake is supplied by melting snow from the heights of the region and a spring located at the heights above the reservoirs; For this reason, it has a lot of clarity and the field of view of the water is about 20 meters.

The lake water is not suitable for eating and has a bitter taste due to the presence of sulfur in the lake water. If you want to visit this area. About two kilometers above, there is a clear spring in a green but small area. Next to this spring, there is a large willow tree that can be seen from all sides and is actually a sign to find a spring.

The bottom of Ahanak Lake is made of very soft and light sand and mud and its water temperature is about 24 degrees Celsius. The reeds around this lake, which has grown up to a height of about three meters, has given it a beautiful face. Most of the trees around Lake are turmeric; However, a little further on there are some willow trees.

The reason for the accumulation and formation of the lake is actually the existence of boiling springs under the lake and the rainfall and melting snow of the heights that have created a beautiful landscape. A number of carp and frogs can be seen in the lake water.



Access route to Simindasht and Ahanak

On the way from Tehran to Firoozkooh, after the Seyedabad gas station, on the right side, there is a road that passes through the villages of Klak, Rudafshan, Mashhad and Hesarban and finally leads to Simindasht.

To get to the Ahanak lake, you have to cross the dam on the river and continue the earthen road; If you want to drive to the lake, you will be about 20 minutes on the road; However, if you prefer walking, you can walk to the lake for two hours.

In the middle of the road and on the right, you will see a mountain called Bezkooh. After a steep slope at the beginning of the route, you will reach the plain and you will see the ruins of houses and decaying cattle and trees, which show life and settlement in the recent past near Siminasht. The appearance of Ahanak Lake in this dry plain will surprise any viewer. It is interesting to know that the locals call this lake “sea”.

Since Simindasht has a railway station, which is one of the oldest stations in the country and is located on the Tehran-Sari route, you can travel to Simindasht by train.


Diving and swimming in Ahanak Lake

In Ahank Lake, you can experience diving at a depth of several meters and see the underwater world and fish groups and enjoy adventurous moments. Swimming in this lake is one of the events that you should experience. Its extremely cold water will take the fatigue out of the way. It is also a place of recreation and swimming for the villagers in summer. Keep in mind that this lake is very deep and the water is cold, so you have to be a good swimmer to swim in it.


The best time to visit Ahanak Lake

Ahanak Lake is beautiful in all seasons; But spring and autumn are the best time to visit this region due to the pleasant weather and unique scenery.

If you enter the road to the lake in the spring, you will see spectacular views. The beauty of the tall cypress and willow trees that wave to you like an eager host, lush pastures and walnut and cherry orchards and apples and the sound of birds await you. During the summer, you will encounter a cool breeze that blows through the trees, thus reducing the intensity of the heat. Autumn will also see colorful nature and winter has its own snowy beauties.

Photography enthusiasts can take pictures around the lake; Because they are located on one of the highest hills in this area and there is no news of traffic lights and urban light pollution for miles away.



Siminudasht village

Siminasht is one of the sights of Firoozkooh and the villages of geo-tourism that the diversity of geological phenomena along with its pristine nature can lead to the development of tourism in this region. It is a mountainous area with a mountainous climate, dating back to the thick and tall sycamore tree that has its roots in the village mosque.

Simindasht leads from the north to Hesarbon, from the east to Gacheh, from the northeast to Zarrindasht and from the south to Mahmudabad; West of Simindasht is a high mountain called Bezkooh or Beztour. Existence of water resources on the one hand and railway and road communication lines, has created a very suitable situation for Simindasht.

The main economy of the people is based on agriculture and animal husbandry and the main products of this village include walnuts, apples, transplanted apricots, ghee, alfalfa, squash, cucumber, wheat and barley. Covering the old women of the village with long white scarves and red and floral skirts can also be interesting for tourists.

The soaring mountains of this region include Anar Kando, Ahanak, Gooran, Yurd-Sharif and mountain goat, each of which has its own beauty. In addition to the colorful mountains with strange shapes that can be seen around this village, the Tehran-North railway in the heart of the plain, the green environment of the region and the iron lake are some of the attractions that make a trip to Simindasht attractive.


Other places of interest in Simindasht

Delichai and Hableh rivers

Simindasht has two roaring rivers called Hablehrood and Delichai which originate from the heights of Alborz and meet in Simindasht and go to Garmsar. At the mouth of these two rivers, a diversion dam has been built, which directs its fresh and refreshing water to Garmsar, and its addition is used for agricultural purposes. This diversion dam has made its migratory and native birds have a good habitat. In addition, the beautiful sunset with the waterfall that has been created, shows a dreamy atmosphere.

At the beginning of the entrance of Simindasht village, Delichai river is located on the right side of a dirt but green and beautiful road and walnut trees can be seen all along it.


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