Shevi Waterfall, Shewi

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Dez River Dam Lake
April 30, 2021
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May 12, 2021

Shevi Waterfall, Shewi

Shevi Waterfall, Tale zang
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One of the most beautiful and largest waterfalls in Iran is called Shevi Waterfall or Tele Zang Waterfall, which is located in Dezful city of Khuzestan province. Shevi waterfall is about 450 meters above sea level. The height of the waterfall is about 70 meters and its width is 40-70 meters (Depends on season). The water of this high waterfall flows down from the heart of the mountain and flows step by step to the bottom of the river, and by crossing the cliffs and winding paths, it finally flows into the Dez River. The volume of water falling out of the waterfall varies in different seasons of the year and reaches its maximum in spring.



Where is the waterfall?

Shevi Waterfall is one of the sights of Dezful, which is located on the border of Khuzestan and Lorestan provinces. This waterfall is located in the Zagros Mountains near Mount Salon in a village called Shevi. Shevi Waterfall is about 130 km away from Dezful and 10 km away from Tele Zang train station.


The route form Tele-zang railway station:

If you go to the waterfall from Tehran, you can take the Tehran-Ahvaz train and get off at the tele-zang station. This station is located three hours after Lorestan, Doroud station and is a sub-station where only local trains and some trains stop. Normal trains usually arrive at the tele-zang station at 1:30 in the morning, and you can spend the night in the mosque next to the railway station.

It is good to know that this train stops at several stations such as Bishe, Sepid-dasht, Cham Sangar, Keshvar, Tang-e Haft and Tang-e Panj before reaching the Tele-zang. This rail route has extremely pleasant views in spring and autumn that will nail you to the window. The train runs along the roaring Sezar River and passes through long, numerous tunnels and the heights of Oshtran-kooh.

Another possibility is to take a local train in Dorud city of Lorestan province. The train departs from Doroud to Andimeshk at two o’clock in the afternoon and arrives at the tele-zang station at four o’clock. It is interesting to know that this train stops along the route wherever the passenger is standing next to the railway.

Get ready for an adventurous and, of course, dangerous journey to go to the waterfall; Because after reaching the tele-zang station, you will have a long and difficult walk of about 4-5 hours to go to the foot of the waterfall. 

It will take about three hours from Tele Zang station to reach the green village of Shevi. From Shevi village, take the water to reach the gorge, which will be the most dangerous part of your route; For this reason, part of the mountain is towed so that you can cross the gorge with its help. It is about an hour and a half from this place to the foot of the waterfall.


Route of Sardasht Dezful and Pirchel region

On the second route, it is possible to access the Shevi waterfall by car. This road starts 130 km from Dezful city and leads to the waterfall from Sardasht region of Dezful and Pir Chel. From the car park to the waterfall, you will have two hours of trekking. 


Best time to visit

Due to the climatic conditions of Shevi Falls and the difficult and long way to reach it, the best time to visit Shevi Falls is late March and spring and especially mid-April to mid-May. These days, the show has a cool and refreshing air and the nature around it is lush and spectacular.

In summer it is difficult to walk in hot weather. The water level of the waterfall will be less in summer and insect bites are also annoying. So choose late winter and early spring to go to this place to experience a memorable and memorable trip.


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