Tang-e Tamoradi Waterfall

Kor River, Korr River, Fars, Iran
Kor River
October 18, 2020
Barim Bridge, Basht, Kohgiluye Boir Ahmad
Barim Bridge
October 18, 2020

Tang-e Tamoradi Waterfall

Tang-e Tamoradi Waterfall
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Waterfalls are one of the most important nature attractions that attract many enthusiasts due to the attractive environment around them. Waterfalls need an environment that has a mountainous atmosphere in addition to heavy rainfall. These conditions exist in the Zagros Mountains and for this reason these areas are full of large and small waterfalls.

“Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad” province, being located in the heart of the Zagros Mountains, are no exception to this rule and, with a significant number of waterfalls, attract many nature lovers.

At a distance of 50 km southwest of Yasuj, there is a beautiful gorge with many waterfalls, which is one of the most important tourist destinations in the region. Tamoradi gorge, in addition to beautiful nature and rich flora and fauna, is also of great importance for historical reasons. In ancient Iran and in the contemporary period, two important wars took place in this region, and for this reason, this gorge is also important in this regard.

Tang-e Tamoradi (Tamoradi Gorge) has a lot of vegetation of various trees, especially oak. This vegetation is so rich and dense that it is difficult to see the waterfalls.

Inside the Tang-e Tamoradi, there are a relatively large number of large and small waterfalls that flow along this gorge. Some waterfalls are tall and impressive and some are short.

It is easy to visit the waterfalls near the road and it is possible for everyone. There is a specific route to see the waterfalls that can be used. Most of the waterfalls of Tang-e Tamoradi are located upstream. One of the waterfalls, which is the tallest waterfall in Tang-e Tamoradi, is located downstream of the road, which can be visited through a side road.

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