Alimestan Forest, Alimastan

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Alimestan Forest, Alimastan

Alimestan Forest, Alimastan, Mazandaran,
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Alimestan promises one of the most beautiful landscapes in spring and summer to tourists and nature lovers. This region, known as the green gold of Iran, is covered with thick fog and lush forests. The forests of Alimestan are the place where the plant “Alima” grows, which grows in May, and as it turns out, the name of Alimestan forest is taken from it.



Alimestan, which is considered as one of the sights of Amol and stands out as a green jewel of its unique nature, has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign photographers. The pristine nature and beauty of forests, pastures and greenery are indescribable. The water of the villagers is supplied from a spring and its products are grains, dairy products and honey.


Alimestan is an open list; A list for those who want to experience roads, forests, mountains, steppes, pastures, plains, flowerbeds and peaks on a day trip. The temperature difference and the variety of coatings along the Alimestan route are very exemplary. Somewhere the weather is sunny, somewhere it is pleasant and spring. Somewhere it is foggy and cool, somewhere there is a strong wind.

From Al-Mestan village to the peak you have four and a half to five hours of forestry and mountaineering. From the peak, you can see Damavand mount to the Caspian Sea. Above, the whole forest and all the surrounding pastures, under your feet and the view of Damavand peak in front of you.

Step by step up to Alimestan, there are hidden sights that travelers discover when climbing one by one. One shows a swamp between the bushes, one gets excited by the crawling of a large lizard, and the other bends over and photographs colorful flowers in between. Apart from all this, Alimestan Peak is another attraction of this village that attracts many climbers with its snowy winters and evergreen springs. The peak is about 2510 meters high and is one of the best mountaineering options in winter. If you are a mountaineer, this peak with all the natural attractions around it will be the best option for your mountaineering trip. Along the entire eastern slope, Damavand Peak recites a hadith of strength in front of your eyes.

Perhaps most interesting of all is the Naqsh-e-Rostam area, which surprises all climbers. Before reaching the summit, two large meteorites can be seen that have created holes 10 meters deep. The natives of the region have beautiful legends about these holes. They believe that these pits are the place of Rustam’s knees, who knelt in this area and drank sea water.

The unique landscape of Damavand Peak, beautiful forest landscapes covered with muddy plains, has turned the region into an attractive place. Before reaching the forest, at the beginning of entering Alimestan, there is a village called Lahash. This village is located in a temperate and humid mountain. The first signs of the forest can be seen from the end of the village. Most of the villagers are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, and some are engaged in the production of handicrafts and weaving.


Access to the forest Alimestan

From Amol, 20 km and from Tehran, 140 km of Haraz road, to the side road on the right, you will come across a sign that says: Imamzadeh Ghasem, enter it, at the beginning of the route you will reach a crossroads where you have to follow the road on the left, the narrow asphalt side road with a very winding maze is about 7 km, which first takes you to Lahash village and then through 5 A kilometer of road leads to the village of Alimestan. From there, leaving the village behind, you can see the forest in front of you.


The best season to visit the forest Alimestan

Mid-spring and early autumn may be the best season to visit Alimestan, but the beautiful winter scenery can not be overlooked, provided that all the principles of winter travel are observed.


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