Neor Lake, Noor, Neur

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Neor Lake, Noor, Neur

neor lake, noor, neur, ardabil
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Lake Neor is located near the Ardabil-Khalkhal road on the border of Gilan and Ardabil provinces. The depth of different parts of Lake Neor varies between 5 and 13 meters in spring. Lake Neor is a protected area under the supervision of the Environment Organization and its ecosystem is important. The diversity of plant and animal species in and around the lake is attracting the attention of experts. More than 70 species of aromatic and medicinal plants cover the area around Lake Neor, including clover, chamomile, chamomile, artichoke and sorrel. The diversity of animal species in this region is more than 90 species, including bears, mink, horses and bats.



Due to its location in forested and lush climates, Lake Neor attracts many nature lovers and tourists throughout the year. Due to the lake’s lesser-known natural attractions, Lake Neor remains untouched; However, the nature and tourists of this region are increasingly welcomed day by day. The area around Lake Neor is also one of the most important nomadic summer settlements.



Where is Lake Neor?

Lake Neor is located on the border between the provinces of Gilan and Ardabil and the slopes of Mount Talesh. This lake is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in northwestern Iran and can be reached from both Gilan and Ardabil provinces. Due to the existence of an asphalt route and suitable access to this lake from Ardabil province, traffic to this area is mostly from Ardabil and Khalkhal.

To reach Lake Neor, you have to enter a winding path at the foot of Talesh Mountain. You will reach this lake by climbing Talesh mountains. This area is of interest to mountaineering and nature lovers. The hiking route from this lake to Subatan village is also very interesting for nature lovers.

The plains around Lake Neor are covered with colorful flowers and lush pastures from late spring to late summer. The winding mountain path towards this lake has the most beautiful views of the foothills. 



Access route to Lake Neor

The access road to Lake Neor is located in the middle of the Ardabil-Khalkhal road. To reach this lake, you have to go to Khalkhal from Ardabil, and if you intend to travel to this region from Tehran or cities outside the provinces of East and West Azerbaijan, get to Zanjan and the southern route to the north of the Khalkhal-Ardabil road.

About 40 km from Ardabil, in front of the village of “Budalalo” and to the east of the Ardabil-Khalkhal road, there is a winding road to Lake Neor and the surrounding villages. After driving 12 km on this road, you will reach an exit on the right, which will take you to the village of “Dash Bolagh” and south of Lake Nevar, and the route will reach the northern part of the lake along the previous road. The village of “Abbasabad” is located along the lake.

To travel to Lake Neor from Gilan province, you can go around the forests of Lisar and Subatan summer and reach this lake by passing a winding path in the west of Subatan region. The roads leading to Lake Neor pass through the mountains and are one of the most beautiful roads in northwestern Iran.

Walking on the trekking road around Lake Neor and enjoying the fragrant mountain plants in this area is enjoyable for many tourists. Watching the beautiful scenery of the foothills of Talesh near this lake can also be memorable. You can take photos around Lake Neor and record your memories. In winter, the lake freezes to a depth of 80 cm and turns into a large ice skating rink.

If you are interested in mountaineering, you can go to the peaks in the mountains around Lake Neor to reach the most beautiful views of the Caspian Sea and the forests of northern Iran. There are various routes for mountaineering around this lake and one of the most famous peaks for climbing is “Baghrudagh”. This peak is about 3200 meters high and Lake Neor is located on its northern slope.

The area around the lake is also very suitable for cycling and attracts mountain biking enthusiasts. Many enthusiasts of the sport in the spring and summer seasons, the distance between the lake to the summer Sobatan in its southeast is 20 km, they travel by bicycle. Horse riding and boating are other sports activities on Lake Neor. Horses can be rented around the lake; But if you want to go boating, you have to take an inflatable boat with you.

The water of this lake is not suitable for swimming and the mud of some parts of it is swampy; That is why swimming in this lake is forbidden. Birdwatching enthusiasts can enjoy watching the different species of birds around the area during the migratory season. Lake Neor and the surrounding areas are prohibited and protected, and safety precautions must be taken to protect the animals and ecosystem of the area.

For many tourists, exploring nature and spending a day outdoors is a pleasurable pastime. Due to its pristine nature and suitable climate in summer, this area has a suitable environment for a day picnic in nature; So if you are a fan of this fun, be sure to plan a day trip around this lake to spend time around Lake Noor.



Fishing in Lake Neor

Lake Noor is a suitable environment for fish growth due to its abundant and fresh water; On the other hand, Gamaroses, which are aquatic crustaceans, live in this lake. These crustaceans play an important role in purifying the waters of Lake Neor. To control the growth of Gammaruses in the lake, salmon farming in Lake Neor is done artificially.

Rainbow trout are released in the summer at Lake Neor and reach ideal conditions for fishing by the end of summer; Therefore, summer and especially September are good times for fishing in this lake. Fishing in Lake Neor is very attractive for those who are interested in this sport, and fishing competitions are held in this area in late summer.

If you plan to try your luck at fishing on a trip to Lake Neor, it is better to go to this area before the weather cools down. Salmon in this lake are not resistant to cold and therefore they are collected from the surface of Lake Neor before the cold starts and the water freezes. With the onset of summer, farmed fish are once again released into the lake. Rainbow salmon is one of the most delicious types of salmon.

Other aquatic species such as leeches, plankton, oysters, otters, water frogs, striped frogs, and a variety of mollusks live in and around Lake Neor.


The best time to visit Lake Neor

Lake Noor is full of water throughout the year due to its location in a cold and mountainous environment with continuous rainfall, and the water level of the lake remains high. This area is cold in autumn and winter, and to see the beauty of Lake Neor in this season, you should wear warm and appropriate clothes. In autumn, the nature around Lake Neor is colorful and spectacular, and in winter, the surface of the lake freezes.

Spring and summer are the best times to visit Lake Neor; Of course, due to the cold climate of this region, spring in the nature of this lake begins in mid-May. At this time, the surrounding plains become green and full of flowers, and the weather is very pleasant and suitable. As we move towards summer, the temperature around the lake gets warmer; But during the summer, the average temperature in this area does not exceed 25 degrees above zero.

If you want to relax by Lake Neor, you can plan to go to this lake during the long summer days. The lush nature and watery springs around the lake are suitable for walking and sightseeing in summer. In spring you can also enjoy the beauties around this lake; But be sure to bring warm clothes; Because the temperature varies in this season.

The vegetation around Lake Neor is diverse and scenic and is part of a protected area. Due to the prohibition of hunting in this area, animals and birds feel safe in these areas, so you can see the most beautiful wildlife in Lake Neor at the right time and during the migration of birds.




Neor Lake facilities

The environment around Lake Neor is one of the most pristine and untouched natural areas in northwestern Iran. This area does not have special facilities and is a good choice for nature lovers who love cozy nature.

There are only a few evacuation platforms around the lake, a toilet and a small buffet with limited items. You should bring the necessary supplies and equipment to do various sports and go out in nature; Adequate food and water are also essential.



Camp on Lake Neor

Due to the prominent natural attractions around Lake Noor, you can stay overnight around this lake for more enjoyment of the beauties of this area. For an overnight stay around Lake Neor, you should camp in this area. Due to the lack of facilities around this lake, you should bring the equipment needed for camping in nature. It is a mountainous region and even in the warm seasons of the year, with the setting of the sun and the beginning of the night, the weather gets colder.

Warm clothes, sleeping bags and tents are the most necessary equipment for camping around Lake Neor; Have plenty of food and water with you. This area is suitable for camping and has high security; But if you want, you can choose traditional hotels and accommodations near this lake for overnight stay.




Sights around Lake Neor

The sights around Lake Noor are prominent natural attractions that you can spend time visiting these sights while traveling to this lake. Sobatan village is located about 20 km southeast of the lake and earthen roads from the northeastern part of the lake lead to this spectacular summer. If you have an off-road vehicle, it will be very easy to drive this road; Of course, it is possible to cross this road with other vehicles.

Along this road from Neor to Sobatan, you will cross the slopes of Talesh Mountains and you will see the most beautiful slopes, springs and lush plains. There are also beautiful natural attractions in the Sobatan village area that double the pleasure of your trip.

Varazan waterfall is located in the northwest of Sobatan summer and is located along Varazan river. Varzan waterfall is about 30 meters high and is surrounded by steep cliffs. At the top of the waterfall there is a pool suitable for swimming and the climate of this area is suitable for swimming in summer.

Lisar forests form a large part of the forest area east of Lake Neoar, which is one of the most beautiful climates in Gilan province. In these forests, various plant species such as maple, hornbeam, beech, alder, spruce and wild pomegranate shrubs, wild tomatoes, raspberries, nettles and clover can be seen. These forests, located in the north of Talesh city, attract many tourists throughout the year.

Other prominent natural attractions near Lake Neor include the Asalem-Khalkhal road. This route is located in the south of this lake and is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran. This winding road is full of anemone flowers in spring and summer, and its summer villages are at the height of their greenery. Crossing this road will bring you unforgettable memories.

Road from Asalem to Khalkhal has the most beautiful natural landscapes of this route. Both sides of this pass are covered by Tall trees and parts of this pass are in the shade of trees and it is completely dark. Rural and nomadic houses can be seen around this beautiful pass.




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