Gahar Lake

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Anubanini relief, Anobanini
August 24, 2021
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Gahar Lake

gahar lake, dorud, lorestan
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Gahar Lake is one of the best sights of Lorestan and one of the largest freshwater lakes in Iran. This lake with its beautiful nature and clear water attracts every tourist; Especially since it is one of the best places to catch trout. If you are interested in mountaineering, it is possible to climb the peaks of Oshtorankooh around the lake, which can be a great option for you.



Gahar Lake

Gahar Lake is one of the sights of Lorestan that shines like a turquoise gem in the middle of the Oshtorankooh mountain range. The lake is located at an altitude of 2,360 meters above sea level and was probably caused by a large earthquake. Gahar Lake consists of two parts, Big lake and Small leke. Big Gahar Lake, which is between 400 and 800 meters wide and reaches 1800 meters in length, welcomes a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year. The annual rainfall of this region is often in the form of snow and about 500 to 900 mm, which in the cold seasons of the year, causes frost in the lake surface and offers unique landscapes for nature lovers and tourists. Small Gahar Lake, with an approximate area of ​​five hectares, is about two kilometers away from Big Gahar. The water of the lake is supplied through the river, the clear and very cool water of which first flows into the small lake and then over a short distance into the big Gahar lake. The water of the lake is also very clear.




Where is Gahar Lake?

Gohar Lake is one of the sights of Dorud and in the protected area of ​​Oshtorankooh and in the southeast of Dorud in Lorestan province, it shows itself as beautifully as possible. Gahar Permanent Lake is located on the west side of Oshtrankooh, south of Panbeh Kal Pass and Tapaleh Strait and northeast of Sarsabz Mountain. The distance from Khorramabad to Gohar Lake is 120 km and the distance from Doroud to the lake is 35 km.

If you go to Gohar from Aligudarz, first you will reach Small lake of Gahar and then on the way and with about 40 minutes walk, you will encounter Big Gahar lake in the border of Dorud city; But if you move from Doroud, you will see the Big Gahar lake first.



Gahar Lake Trekking Information

Gahar Lake is located behind Oshtrankooh, to reach it, you have to go around the mountain, which is possible through the two routes of Aligudarz and Doroud. Since access to the lake is not possible by public transport; You have to travel to this area by car or with seasonal tours.
From Doroud to Gahar Lake (main route): From Dorud to the parking lot of Cheshmeh Khieh (Khorram), there are asphalt roads with a length of 20 km, where you park your car and from here on, a 12.5 km earthen road. You have ahead.




From the beginning of the route to the Panbeh-Kal, you have to climb a 4.5 km uphill and then you will have a 2.5 km route with a steep slope to the bottom of the valley. The remaining 5.5 km has a gentle slope towards the lake. Trekking this route requires about 5 to 6 hours of Trekking; However, you can go this route with livestock such as mules and donkeys, which are rented by local people to carry cargo or rides.

The Doroud route is somewhat difficult to cross in some places, But the existence of sufficient parking and security has caused most tourists to choose this route to reach Gahar Lake.



The best time to visit Lake Gahar

The best time to visit Gahar Lake is from mid-May to July, when the lake and the trails are beautiful and green. But in most cases, visiting Gahar Lake is not allowed until mid-June.



Camp on Lake Gahar

Due to the prominent natural attractions around Lake Gahar, you can stay overnight around this lake for more enjoyment of the beauties of this area. For an overnight stay around Lake Gahar, you should camp in this area. Due to the lack of facilities around this lake, you should bring the equipment needed for camping in nature. It is a mountainous region and even in the warm seasons of the year, with the setting of the sun and the beginning of the night, the weather gets colder.

Warm clothes, sleeping bags and tents are the most necessary equipment for camping around Lake Gahar; Have plenty of food and water with you. This area is suitable for camping and has high security.

In recent years, facilities such as travel tents and food have been prepared for travelers.



Gahar Lake facilities

There are facilities such as the environment department camp, sanitation, police station, lighting system and drinking water by the lake, which does not seem to be enough due to the tourist population.




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