Gel-Afshan-e Chegerdani-Lash

Gel Afshan Bandar Tang Mud Volcano, Chabahar
Gel-Afshan-e Bandar-e Tang
October 7, 2020
Darak Beach, Desert, Persian Gulf
Darak Beach
October 11, 2020

Gel-Afshan-e Chegerdani-Lash

Chegerdani Lash Mud Volcano, Chabahar
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Gel-Afshan (Mud Sprayers) are the strange and unusual phenomena for nature lovers and that is why they attract a large number of tourists every year. Mud sprayers are mainly found in southern Iran and in the Chabahar region.



One of the most famous Mud sprayers in Sistan and Baluchestan province is known as Gel-Afshan-e Bandar-e Tang, which is located 110 km away from Chabahar. The general impression is that this is the only Gel-Afshan around Chabahar, while there are other nearby, which of course are different in appearance.


Gel-Afshan-e Chegardani-Lash is located near a village of the same name, which is necessary to visit with the help of local people due to the lack of traffic signs. This mud sprayer, like the sprayer of Bandar-e Tang, creates a low-lying hill with its continuous activity and the flower comes out of different parts of this hill in a variable manner.


The activity of this mud sprayer is usually more than that, and the interval between each time the flower leaves the mouth is less than one minute.


Mud sprayers are usually caused by pressure from hydrocarbon gases in the ground. In this way, the gas along its path to get out of the ground also brings with it some water and mud from the depths of the earth. These gases are flammable and this could be a proof of this hypothesis.


Mehdi Gholami

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